Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest Etiquette: 10 Things NOT to do at a Wedding

Wedding Guest Etiquette

Wedding Guest Etiquette isn't something regularly talked about while planning a wedding. Unless YOU are the problem child that everyone has to worry about at friends and family gatherings.

Let's face it, weddings are a lot of pressure for one day of someone's life, right? Why would you purposefully tank it for a couple? We are assuming you aren't going to an ex's wedding here.

Typically, the rumor mill (a.k.a. Facebook) spreads quickly in these cases and you'll probably know the wedding date 6 months to a year before. The fact that you are reading an article on Wedding Guest Etiquette shows that you WANT to behave at this particular wedding. That's a good first step.

We've all heard about a drunk relative or friend ruining a wedding toast with ramblings and talking about things no one wants to be said at their wedding. Heck, YOU have probably made a few of these no-no's yourself.

Use Common Sense

There's no doubt that you know what is right and what is wrong. You know what you are and aren't supposed to do at someone's wedding. Maybe you even got a phone call, Email or text message (or 5) warning, er, reminding you that you need to be on your best behavior.

Assuming that you are reading this article on Wedding Guest Etiquette because you earnestly WANT to behave at this wedding, this list is a good starting point for you.

Here is a list of 10 Wedding Guest Etiquette no-no's

  1. Don't deviate from a schedule.
  2. Don't "wing" a wedding speech.
  3. Don't wear anything resembling white if you are not the bride.
  4. Don't stiff the bartender.
  5. Don't get drunk.
  6. (This one should probably #1)
  7. Don't complain about the food.
  8. Don't monopolize the bride and groom.
  9. Don't get too aggressive with the bouquet toss.
  10. Don't buy a gift the couple didn't put on their registry.
  11. Don't steal the souvenirs from the wedding decorations.

From what we've seen at the thousands of weddings we've done over the years, we think it could be summed up with ONE important reminder:

This wedding is not about YOU.

For more details on each Wedding Guest Etiquette "no-no", visit the originating CNN article HERE

Now, remember these guidelines and behave yourself!


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